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Environmental Statement

As avid divers, we believe we have a role to play in being ambassadors for the marine environment.  It is a misnomer that our planet is called Earth - we really should be called "Ocean".  It is becoming clearer everyday that the survival of our species (and those around us) is dependent on the health of the planet - particularly its oceans and its atmosphere.  

It is now well established that our planet is changing due to a variety of human induced as well as natural causes.  The Greenhouse Gases we're releasing into the atmosphere are a major cause of global warming, and are also causing acidification of our oceans. We're killing marine life at an unsustainable rate, leading to probable changes in the aquatic food chain.

What will ensue from these changes is somewhat unknown, but rapid changes on a global scale are unlikely to be healthy!

We believe that every individual can be part of the solution.  To this end, we have made the following changes as part of our efforts

  1. We try to practice responsible diving on every dive.  We don't aggravate marine life, and we endeavour to have good buoyancy control.
  2. We participate in beach and underwater clean up activities
  3. As a dive instructor-trainer, Des promotes awareness in all courses, and actively promotes Project AWARE activities
  4. We have switched to 100% GreenPower for our household consumption
  5. We purchase carbon offsets for our vehicle usage and airline flights.
  6. We have changed to energy efficient lighting and water usage at home, and make an effort to switch lights and other electrical outlets off when not in use
  7. We have decided that we have bought our last petrol cars.  Des' newest car is an environmentally friendlier diesel vehicle.
  8. We make responsible choices when it comes to sea food consumption to support efforts to ensure sustainable fisheries.

These are just some steps.  We hope you'll also take steps to do your bit!