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Successful Instructor Programs at Batemans Bay

In late April and early May, I conducted a series of instructor development programs at Indepth Scuba Batemans Bay, NSW.

We started off with an EFR Instructor Course with three candidates. Rowan, Damon and Chris are now all able to teach a range of Emergency First Reponse CPR & First Aid courses, including Primary Care, Secondary Care and Care for Children.

Then we worked through the PADI Instructor Development Course, the dive industry's most popular program to become a scuba instructor. During the program we covered a range of subjects that prepare candidates to become great dive instructors, including subjects on teaching in the classroom, confined water and open water, as well as risk management, the range of PADI courses, and business topics.

We also completed specialty instructor training for PADI specialties including Emergency Oxygen Provider and Equipment Specialist.

I also conducted a DAN Oxygen Instructor and DAN HMLI Instructor Course, with Guy now a DAN Instructor.

The PADI Instructor Exam went well, and Damon, Chris and Rowan are now proud new PADI Instructors.

Our PADI IDCs at Indepth Scuba Batemans Bay are unique in NSW as they are conducted as live-in PADI IDCs. For the duration of the program the candidates and staff lived in Indepth Scuba's modern and comfortable lodge, with all classroom activities onsite. Dive sites are nearby, and represent some of the best temperate water diving of the NSW South Coast.


OzTek'11 - 12-13 March 2011

Where Diving Adventures Begin
Keeping the passion alive by putting the thrill-factor back into diving, the OZTeK’11 Advanced Diving Conference & Exhibition is rapidly gathering momentum to again prove that, “few shows in the world can pack a punch quite like Australia’s OZTeK”.
A highlight event on the calendar of international diving shows, OZTeK’11 returns to Australian Technology Park in Sydney, Australia, over the weekend of the 12 – 13 March 2011, and will again feature an exhibition showcasing the very best that the world of diving has to offer complemented by an international cast of speakers and presenters acknowledged as being among the world’s leading authorities in their respective fields of diving expertise.
With a full programme of theatre presentations, seminars and workshops spanning the complete range of diving interests - including deep wreck and cave explorations, underwater photography and film-making, hyperbaric medicine, diving safety, developments in diving technology, free-diving, marine conservation and more - the topics and talks will be both informative and entertaining, and provide the diving community with the opportunity to meet, listen to and learn from, some of modern diving’s most accomplished personalities. 
Appealing to diving enthusiasts at every level of experience and interest, the OZTeK’11 Exhibition will feature the very best and latest in equipment trends and innovations, technology, training, underwater photography and travel opportunities.
With over 40% of the available stand space already booked by return exhibitors keen to tap into the affluent and influential audience of conference attendees and exhibition visitors, those companies and organisations exhibiting at the show already include the major Training Organisations; Equipment manufacturers and distributors; Diving destinations and leading diving groups. 
Helping enhance the underwater experience, the Exhibition will feature everything that divers require; from cameras to compressors, regulators to rebreathers, snorkels to scooters, facemasks to fins – and not forgetting exotic overseas dive resorts and great liveaboard trips - the world’s leading equipment brands, accessories and travel destinations will all be on show at OZTeK’11.
Now regarded as one of the world’s premier forums and showcases for divers who – at every level of experience - seek a greater knowledge and a better understanding of all that diving has to offer, the OZTeK’11 Diving Conference & Exhibition is much more than just another dive show; it’s a dynamic event focussed on excitement and tomorrow’s world of diving adventures – one that‘s intended to appeal to every diver, regardless of experience level, who’s looked at the ocean’s surface and dreamed.
With Conference Passes scheduled to go on sale in August, further information on all that’s happening at OZTeK’11 can be viewed on the website at: , Or telephone: +61 (2) 9971 2559, Or by e-mailing: 


United Divers Wins Environmental Achievement Award

I was pleased to hear that United Divers Wollongong was one of three Australian dive centres to receive the Project AWARE Environmental Achievement Award for 2009.

In 2009 the crew at United Divers (a team I am proud to be part of) conducted several key environmental activities:

  • Beach & underwater cleanup for Cleanup Australia Day
  • Beach & underwater cleanup for International Cleanup Day
  • Environmental discussion to the Illawarra Sunrise Rotary Club

In addition, we actively promote the Project AWARE certification card as part of all our courses.

A new activity we've just kicked off is building in a Project AWARE Course into every PADI IDC. This ensures that budding dive professionals get a good overview of the aquatic environment and Project AWARE, and are better prepared to teach this important program.

Congratulations to Suzanne and Leon, and their team of instructors and divemasters, including Richard, Ron, Terry, Edwin, John and Matt for their big efforts.


PADI TecRec Courses Now Available

I am pleased to advise that I can now offer an expanded range of PADI TecRec Instructor Courses.

In addition to the PADI Tec Gas Blender Instructor Course, I can now offer the PADI Tec Instructor and PADI Tec Deep Instructor Courses at participating dive centres.

The PADI Tec Instructor Course prepares suitably qualified candidates to conduct the PADI Discover Tec experience and the PADI Tec 40 Course. These programs provide an introduction to tec diving equipment, knowledge, skills and procedures for divers who are starting into tec diving, or who are curious about tec diving but want to learn more before committing to a full training regime.

The PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course allows the instructor to teach the full PADI Tec Diver Course, including the PADI Discover Tec experience and the PADI Tec 40, PADI Tec 45 and PADI Tec 50 sub-courses. By the complettion of this extensive training, the diver will have a broad knowledge, techniques, skills and experience as an entry level tec diver.

The requirements to commence training as a PADI Tec Instructor and PADI Tec Deep Instructor are extensive. The training program itself is comprehensive, and once completed the requirements to complete certification are also significant. This reflects the commitment in development required to teach tec.

Please contact me should you require further information about qualifying to teach PADI Tec Courses.


PADI Deep and Enriched Air Specialty Instructor Course Completed

On Sunday I completed a PADI Specialty Instructor Course for 2 candidates at United Divers. Jin and Guy completed the PADI Enriched Air specialty and the PADI Deep Diver specialty courses at the instructor level, preparing the candidates to teach these 2 important and popular specialties. Along the way they also completed the PADI Tec Gas Blender course, preparing them to blend enriched air nitrox mixtures.

Enriched Air is the most popular PADI specialty course, and is an important specialty for every instructor to have as part of their qualifications. Every diver wants longer bottom times, and the use of enriched air nitrox allows divers to safely extend their no-decompression limits, if they follow proper diving practices with the gas.

Every diver feels the need to explore a little deeper, and within no decompression stop limits, the PADI Deep Diver course allows divers to explore down to 40m. After enriched air, the PADI Deep Diver course is the most popular recreational diving specialty.

This package of courses is offered regularly at our affiliated dive centres. Please keep an eye on our Course Schedule, or contact me if you would like to enquire.


EFR & Emergency O2 Instructor Courses at Dive Imports Australia Erina

Over the weekend of 30/31 January I conducted an EFR Instructor Course and a PADI Emergency Oxygen Instructor at Dive Imports Australia Erina.

All dive instructors should be first aid/CPR instructors for several reasons.

  1. It allows them to offer a complete range of courses to their students
  2. It allows them to teach courses that can make a difference
  3. It provides them with additional income opportunities

The EFR Instructor qualification allows them to teach a range of layperson oriented first aid/CPR courses. Additional training to become an EFR First Aid at Work Instructor allows the instructor to also teach a range of workplace oriented courses that are Nationally Recognised Training in Australia.

Provision of emergency oxygen is a critical aspect of the first aid for an injured diver, as well as for individuals suffering other medical emergencies. By becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Specialty Instructor, PADI Instructors can teach this simple and beneficial program to divers and non-divers alike.

Congratulations to Lisa on completing these programs.

Please contact us for more information on these and other training opportunities for dive professionals.


Wreck Dive on the Coolooli

Last Friday I had a lovely dive on the wreck of the Coolooli, located off the suburb of Long Reef on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

The Coolooli is the scuttled wreck of an old bucket dredge, and has a large number of buckets on a conveyor belt. It is quite a large wreck, and starts at 38m, dropping down to 48m or so. It is a great site for completing PADI TecRec courses such as Tec 45 and Tec 50.

Conditions were good on the day, with temperatures from 17C on the bottom to 22C from the surface down to 35m or so. Visibility was also great down to 35m, dropping off to 5-8m below that. There was some fish life around.

A nice dive for those qualified for tec diving.

Jan282010 Launches Free Online UW Photography Tutorials

With The Growth in Popularity of Underwater Photography, A Community of Esteemed Professional Photographers Respond By Developing A Series of Free Online Underwater Photography Tutorials to Help The World Learn About Underwater Photography
In response to the global demand from photographers, scuba divers, surfers and snorkelers around the world, leading underwater photography website has launched a highly anticipated free series of comprehensive underwater photography tutorials and guides to help the world learn underwater photography. Never before has there been such a growing interest in underwater photography. Affordable digital cameras have made underwater photography more accessible, and social media has made it easier than ever to share photos with your friends, family and the world.
The underwater photography guides offer easy-to-read tutorials for photographers all levels to learn how to take great underwater photos.
The tutorials are written by professional underwater photographer Jason Heller and editor Matt Weiss, along with contributions from several world renowned professional and award winning underwater photographers, such as National Geographic photographer David Doubilet, Martin Edge, and Alex Mustard. Each tutorial includes beautiful underwater photos and equipment set-up shots that illustrate each technique.
Underwater photography can be incredibly rewarding, but it does pose unique challenges and requires an understanding of basic principles and techniques.  Beginners will find the Getting Started Guide very intuitive, including the top ten basic principles of underwater photography and how to select your first underwater camera system. Other tutorials include macro, wide angle, super-macro, composition, lighting, surf photography and a number of creative techniques. New and advanced techniques and tutorials will be added on a regular basis.

More than Tutorials

Popular underwater photography website has been a valuable resource to a community of over 50,000 underwater photographers around the world since 2005. In addition to the new free techniques guides, the website features underwater photo galleries from the top pros and amateurs in the world, daily underwater photography and ocean related news, in-depth articles, a comprehensive underwater photography equipment guide, travel guide, event calendars and a monthly photo contest with prizes.


iPad for Dive Instructors

Following today's launch of the Apple iPad, I am taken by the possibilities for using this device as a key part of the dive instruction experience. In fact, I reckon that the fact that "iPad" is an anagram of "PADI" is more than a coincidence!

Apart from the fact that is one classy looking device, the fact that it can run apps like iWork (including Keynote and Pages) means that it can be used for delivering fantastic presentations. Although Keynote and Pages are Mac formats, these apps can run MS Powerpoint and Word documents.

So a dive instructor can teach small groups (perhaps 1-2 people) informally using this device for our PADI Prescriptive Lesson Guides and other presentations. Or we can hook the iPad up to a display or projector for larger groups.

Its a lightweight device (less than 1kg), and it should be a great device for carry PDF versions of our various teaching tools like the PADI Instructor Manual, PADI Specialty Instructor Manuals, EFR Instructor Manual, DAN Instructor Manuals and so forth (subject to availability of course). I'd like to see PADI release a PDF version of the wonderful new PADI's Guide to Teaching in PDF format. With this device we can have ready access to our teaching materials.

The iPad is designed to have great battery life (10 hours), and an external keyboard as an option. This will allow us to do paperwork onsite once the teaching is done. With Wifi built in, and an option for 3G wireless connectivity, we can also have access to the internet in the field.

All in all this is going to be a great device for many mobile professionals, and for dive instructors who tend to move around to various sites, the potential is fantastic.

I've embedded a copy of Apple's introduction video below. Take a few moments to have a look. It tells the story perfectly.


PADI IE Success!

Congratulations to Lisa and Jin, who completed the recent PADI IDC at United Divers Wollongong, on exceeding expectations at the PADI Instructor Exam in Sydney this weekend. Both did really well, scoring highly on all presentations and exams, and did themselves proud on all counts.

Lisa will be teaching at Dive Imports Australia in Erina after completing her EFR Instructor Course next week, while Jin will be heading off to travel and teach in exotic locations.

Well done Jin and Lisa!

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