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  • 14 Jul - Nelson Bay
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The following are some testimonials from some of the instructor graduates who have taken an IDC or other Instructor level course with me at one of our participating dive operators.


I really want to thank you for the IDC and amazing preparation for the IE. The course was professionally managed, and I really enjoyed the way you challenged me. The course was well structured so at the end of it I felt in great shape for the IE.
Coming from a marketing background I really appreciated you're engaging presentations, and you can be sure I will be using some of the structure learnt in my real job! Your obvious love of diving and respect of the environment comes through in everything you do and I'm really looking forward to future courses with you.
Thanks again and hopefully we can get a dive in soon for fun!

Martin Mason completed a PADI IDC with Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor Course and an EFR Instructor Course at Frog Dive Willoughby.Martin is a part-time instructor at Frog Dive. Visit Martin's personal website at MJM Diving.


Seriously…doing the IDC was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I wouldn’t have done it with anyone but Des. It was a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. The course prepared me for not only the IE, but also for teaching my first few courses, which is where it really counts! I particularly enjoyed the Underwater Naturalist speciality, as it equipped me with a means through which I can share my excitement for conserving the precious underwater world, we as divers, enjoy so much.

I use to have a “normal” job (sitting in a dingy, windowless office, staring at a computer all day) and wouldn’t trade the privilege of teaching people to dive for anything. The look on people’s faces when they dive for the first time is truly priceless. I really do have the best job in the world. Believe me…. it is true what they say: “better a bad day in the ocean, than a good day in the office.”

VC Preece completed a PADI IDC with Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor Course at Frog Dive Willoughby in 2009. She is now teaching part time at Frog Dive.

When I was looking to become a PADI dive instructor, it was recommended that I contact Des to take me through my IDC (Instructors Development Course). I heard that he was highly respected in the Industry and by PADI as a course director.

I found Des to be passionate about what and how he teaches and whilst following the PADI course to the letter, I found his interactive teaching style comfortable and his availability and balanced opinions made him the perfect role model for any Diving Instructor. Des is all the things a good teacher should be, patient, professional, prudent, friendly and a good listener. I found him to be easy to understand and that all information he provided me was relevant to what I was learning and this did a great deal to ensure that I succeeded in not only my IDC but passed my exams and can now instruct students of my own.

I would not hesitate in recommending Des to anyone looking to do their IDC, or any other specialty course and look forward to working with Des again in the future.

John Keogh completed his PADI IDC and Specialty Instructor Training at United Divers in 2009. John is setting up his own private diving business in Sydney. Visit John's Diving Adventures website for more information.

I did my IDC with Des Paroz at United Divers in Wollongong. My plans were first to do it up the coast, maybe Cairns, but I didn't regret it at all doing my IDC with Des. It was awesome for me because we had a small group so I could ask all the question I had without feeling pressured that the whole group would be slowed down.

Des was very professional and knows a lot about the IDC. It's a tough program but Des made it look so easy. I was worried in the beginning when Des told me that he would focus on making us good instructors, rather than on passing the IE. But our whole group did very well at the IE, thanks to Des and his efforts.

I'm really looking forward to teaching now and part of this is because Des really got me interested and confident that I would be good at it too. So again thank you Des for your efforts.

Flavio Fehr completed his IDC, EFR Instructor Course and PADI Specialty Instructor Courses at United Divers in 2009. Visit Flavio's website to keep track on his adventures.

I recently completed my Instructor Development Course with Des Paroz and In Depth Scuba in Batemans Bay (NSW, Australia). I wanted to not only to commend Des on his professionalism, exuberance and quality of training but also express my gratitude for his commitment to PADI standards and patience with his students.

This experience has been extremely fulfilling and a lot of fun. My fellow candidates and I owe this in a large part to Des and his attitude towards the course. Being able to educate, intrigue, instil humour and still complete the scope of a course is extremely admirable.

I am assured my fellow candidates share my view when i express how thrilled I am to have had this opportunity, it was life-changing and will be extremely hard to forget. I also look forward to a continuing career with PADI and incorporating the diving lifestyle into my future studies.

Lara Trubenbacher completed her PADI IDC, EFR Instructor Course and PADI Specialty Instructor Training Courses at Indepth Scuba Batemans Bay in 2009. Lara is currently working as a dive leader and instructor for a major dive operator in Cairns, on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Des Paroz, our course director, was very professional and thorough in his conduct of the program; and having a smaller IDC group, I felt that we got more from our program as it was personalized to suit our learning pace. One example of this is that we were able to spend more time on particular sections (i.e: prescription teaching presentations, RDP revisions, etc) to fine-tune our presentation skills or refresh on dive theory. Those extra sessions increased my confidence and I definitely felt very well prepared going in for my IE.

But the single best part about this IDC program is that it made me very enthusistic about being an instructor and just diving in general. I'm very excited at the opportunities that await as the weather starts to warm up and we get more people diving again.

Edwin Kwan completed his PADI IDC and EFR Instructor Course at United Divers Wollongong in 2008. Edwin is now a part time instructor at United Divers.

Visit Edwin's website and blog.

I'm glad I did my IDC with Des Paroz, not only is he fun to work with, but he knows what he's doing and talking about. He turned the IDC from something I initially thought was pretty damn scary to be really fun.

His professionalism showed through in how he works and how he conducts the IDC. He was willing to spend time with us to make sure we mastered any particular areas that we lacked.

On the practical part, from the moment I saw his gear and when he geared up, I knew I had chosen the right CD to do my IDC with. The way he explains skills and demonstrates them was excellent. Everything was done sharply but he also managed to show us step by step how to do things.

Teddy Haryjanto completed his PADI OWSI Program at United Divers in 2008. Teddy is now a freelance dive instructor in Sydney.

Visit Teddy's website.